Model X4 1U from Jasminer mining Ethash & Etchash algorithm with a hashrate of 520Mh/s for a power consumption of 240W. In preparation for ETH 2.0 / Proof-of-stake, this ASIC is the first of it’s kind to work around the limitations of ASIC-resistant Etchash algorithm for maximum profitability and scaling. Ethereum Classic is the most probable coin of choice for Ethash machines following the merge.

✔ Convenience: Datacenter & home use optimized density

✔ Advantages:Built-in high static fans, low power consumption, low noise, compact and easy to handle


✔ Algorithms:ETCHASH, ETHASH

✔ Hashrate Performance:520MH/s±10%

✔ Power Consumption:240W±10%

✔ Operating Conditions:0-40℃ – 5%RH-95%RH non condensation

✔ Network Connection:Ethernet

✔ Exclusive Warranty:Vipera 1-year North American & Middle East servicing with OEM replacement parts

JANUARY BATCH PREORDER. SHIPS IN 7-10DAYS. For volume orders, consult a live a chat agent or call the toll free number.




JASMINER is a global excellent brand in the semiconductor industry and blockchain field. It is committed to bringing users clean and efficient products and services and high-quality experience, and strives to promote the innovation and application breakthroughs of artificial intelligence, 5G, high-performance computing and other technologies. JASMINER is also one of the first pioneers to deepen the high-throughput computing power chip market, as well as an endeavor to continuously expand business scope and broaden industry boundaries. It is also a leader in promoting the high-throughput computing power chip industry to support the construction of the digital economy.

On June 6, 2021, JASMINER released a new generation of storage-computing integrated high-throughput computing power chip “JASMINER X4”. Benefiting from the core technology of “integration of storage and computing”, JASMINER X4 contains two innovative advantages of “high throughput and low power consumption”. Its appearance has helped the chip industry embark on a path of evolution from “energy consumption” to “energy saving”, and its value prospects have also gained global attention



In the past few decades, research progress has been slow. In order to solve this problem, JASMINER researchers overcame layers of technical blockade and developed a high-throughput computing power chip that integrates storage and computing in 2020, and entered the market in 2021.

The chip adopts 3DIC technology, by integrating the data storage unit and the computing unit on the same chip, thereby greatly improving the parallelism and energy efficiency of computing. Its die area is super large size 678 mm², package size 45mm×45mm, memory access bandwidth 1TByte/s, storage capacity 5GByte/s, processing capacity up to 65MH/s, and power consumption is only 23W. The high-throughput computing power chip based on the on-chip ultra-large-scale fully-associated network can achieve the performance balance between the computing core and the data path, so that the computing efficiency can be fully utilized.

Under the vision of “carbon neutral”, low-carbon development is not only a commitment of JASMINER, but also a common mission of all walks of life. Benefiting from the two major highlights of path advantages and technological innovation, JASMINER X4 has achieved the ultimate in power consumption and continues to lead the industry. The emergence of the new generation of high-throughput computing power chip JASMINER X4 provides a typical model for the global chip industry to achieve the “carbon peak” and “carbon neutral” strategy, and also painted a blueprint for technological development for JASMINER to promote the green transformation of global basic computing power facilities.

Jasmine X4-1U 520MH/S ETH miners 240w

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